KH Hasyim Muzadi : Mass Media has Now Served The Advertisers’ Interest

Muslimedia News – Media Islam, Jakarta ~ Chairman of the Lawmaking Body (Rais Syuriyah) of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) KH Hasyim Muzadi insinuated that the behavior of the mass media had now served the (market) interests rather than the benefit of the people.Kiai Hasyim said today’s journalists had often reported things which  always depend on the interest of advertisers or those who have power over the mass media.”I see now the press or newspaper depends on those who put up advertisements,” Kiai Hasyim said at a symposium here on Thursday 928/11), adding that there had now been many media representing certain parties because of their capital power in financing their interests.Accoring to Kiai Hasyim, the war of perception in the media is now more sophisticated than politics for the media coverage could blend with the public opinion and even direct it in accordance with its own opinion. “In today’s press freedom, (political) parties are in need of press (media). The government is also under the press, because its tongue could cut by the legislation (Law on Freedom of the Press),” he said.
Editing by Sudarto Murtaufiq
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